Six Tips To Maintain Healthy Teeth While Traveling

Six Tips To Maintain Healthy Teeth While Traveling Featured Image - Amazing Expressions Dental Studio

Happy summer! Do you and your family have any big summer plans this year?

Whether you’ll be going up north to the lake, camping in the woods with kids, or heading out on a big road trip, it can be challenging to stay healthy while traveling. However, keeping your family’s teeth strong and healthy while traveling is easy with just a little advanced planning!

Here are a few of your Amazing Expressions Dental Studio Dental team’s favorite tips to keep your teeth strong and healthy throughout your fun summer travel plans:

1) PACK HEALTHY SNACKS. Bring along portable, easy-packing healthy snacks, such as sliced apples, baby carrots, string cheese and bottled water.

2) AVOID A DENTAL EMERGENCY. Accidents happen- but take simple, common-sense precautions while traveling to prevent disaster! Avoid chewing ice or hard candy. Don’t use your teeth as tools to rip fishing line or tape!

3) TAKE BRUSHING BREAKS. Whether you’re at the lake, camping or road-tripping, take a moment to brush your teeth when you stop for bathroom breaks.

4) END EACH DAY WITH A THOROUGH CLEANING. If you’re unable to keep up with your normal habits while traveling, be sure to make your evening brushing and flossing really count!

5) SCHEDULE A CLEANING AND CHECKUP BEFORE YOUR TRIP. The best way to start out your travels is with a clean, healthy mouth! Call us at (727) 787-1226 to book your appointment right away.

With a little advance planning, you can easily maintain healthy, strong teeth during your summer adventures. Dr. Do and the entire team here at Amazing Expressions Dental Studio look forward to hearing all about your travels during your next appointment!

What are your summer plans? Leave us a comment and tell us!

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