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A bridge is used by dentists to replace one or more missing teeth. Bridges are supported in the mouth by either your natural teeth, dental implants or a combination of both. You can expect to visit the dentist at least twice when having bridge work completed. Schedule an appointment today to see if a bridge can complete your smile. Grace Dental has a location in Palm Harbor with convenient hours to meet your needs.


With proper care and monitoring a dental bridge can last many years. In fact, dental bridges can last five to fifteen years and even longer. It is not unusual for the life span of a fixed bridge to be well over 10 years, with good oral hygiene, proper diet and regular dental checkups.

Do not delay if you are missing teeth. Missing teeth can cause surrounding teeth to shift, which could lead to other dental problems. Let Grace Dental bridge that gap allowing you to show off your beautiful smile. Grace Dental can assist you with understanding your insurance benefits and any out of pocket cost your insurance does not cover for bridge work. If you’re concerned about how much dental bridges cost, give Palm Harbor dentist, Dr. Elizabeth Ho a call today.

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